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The best beach holiday destinations in Europe

There are many different types of holidays, but the truth is that most people are still choosing a beach holiday whenever they have the time to stop their work and leave their homes. This is quite natural because accommodation close to the beach promises great fun and enjoyable moments. Europe is a continent blessed with unique nature and a continent that doesn’t lack great beaches. Some of these places are suitable for visiting all year round. In this article, we will analyze some of the best beach holiday destinations in Europe.


France has a large coast on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. According to many experts, the best place to check while you are in France and looking for a great beach holiday destination is Corsica. This is actually an island that is not very crowded. It is known for the rocky, clean bays and high mountains. Corsica is home to many attractions too.


Italy is another European country that provides many beach holiday options. The beautiful beaches of Tuscany, Sardinia and the Italian islands will leave your breathless. Italy has a pleasant climate throughout the year so this is another advantage. In the past few years, more and more people are showing interest in Alghero which is a small city in Sassari province in Italy.  Visit the Church of St. Francis, Alghero Cathedral and some of the many natural beauties while you are there.


Croatia is situated on the Balkan Peninsula and has a large coastline that covers the eastern part of the Adriatic Sea. The coastline is filled with charming old towns and cities like Split and Dubrovnik for example. There are also many interesting islands that are suitable for both young couples, groups of friends and families with children.


Greece is one of the favorite holiday destinations in Europe and in the world mostly because it has miles of beautiful sandy beaches. From the Chalkidiki Peninsula in the north to the beautiful islands like Crete in the south, Greece is the ideal beach holiday spot for every person that enjoys life.

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Europe’s hottest new destination

Europe is known as the “old continent”. There are several reasons for this, but the most important one is that Europe is seen as the seat of the enlightenment, and one of the most important continents when it comes to human history. But not all people realize that Europe has a great tourist potential. And not only when it comes to the history savvy people – you would still have a lot to do and see even if you aren’t interested in history at all.

So, one of the greatest European destinations that we’d like to recommend you to visit on a holiday is the country of Greece. Greece is widely known as a tourist heaven, around the world. The best part about Greece is that it has practically hundreds of beautiful, golden, sandy beaches where the Greek sun shines day in, day out. If you’re the type of person that enjoys lounging at the beach, then this is definitely the place that you should come and visit.

The best thing about Greece is that it’s a relatively cheap place, meaning that you will save money if you come here on a vacation. You’ll be surprised at just how cheap everything is here. And note that what we mean by “cheap” is the price tag, and not the quality of the item or service in question, as the Greeks are widely known for their offering of high-quality goods and services, especially in the world of tourism.

You may know Greece as the birthplace of democracy. This is a place that’s rich in history, so you will be able to see the various landmarks that are available for a visit all around Greece. There are shrines to the ancient Greek gods, there are temples, there are political buildings, there are ancient roads, and many other buildings as well.

So, as you see, you really can’t go wrong if you visit this beautiful country in southeastern Europe. You will have a blast here, and you will come back a new person, a bit richer with new experiences, and a bit wiser than before.

Airport In Athens – Meeting Global Standards

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Most beaches are sports book odds without any tree cover to provide shade. Dependant upon the season and location of the beach, guests at midday events are in danger of getting scorched together with sun. Together with mind that besides atmosphere temperature, the sand gets really hot too. Actually, in some locations, it may be downright uncomfortable or painful go walking on the sand. Perhaps want plan a morning wedding a treadmill at dusk to avoid any heat-related problems.
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Enjoy your holiday in Poland

If you’re a traveler of the world, and if you’re at a loss of places to travel to, then we’re happy to tell you that we have a recommendation to make to you. It’s not a location that’s traditionally thrown around when it comes to popular places to visit. But regardless, it’s a place where you can enjoy and have a blast on many different levels. And it’s the country of Poland, in Europe.

This country suffers from not being advertised enough in the world of tourism. Which is a shame when you consider all that it has to offer. From the busy street life, to the wonderful night life, to all the beautiful sights of nature, to the hundreds of historical landmarks and sites.

The Polish people have a rich culture, and have frequently fought in history to preserve their integrity. It emerged relatively recently as an independent country, and it’s now ready to take its rightful place in our modern times.

You can visit many different places if you go on a holiday in Poland. For one, you may visit the famed Wawel Castle. This is a castle at a site that’s been inhabited by humans since the Paleolithic times. The castle itself was built at around the fourteenth century, which means that it stood the test of time, and nowadays it’s a really popular tourist attraction.

If you like to be left speechless, then we recommend that you visit the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz Birkenau, in Poland. You’ll have a powerful experience if you visit this place that will leave you without words. It’s a site that humanity can’t ever allow itself to forget it, as hundreds of thousands of innocent people have died here.

But if you’re not the history whizz, then you can enjoy the busy city life of cities such as Warsaw or Krakow. The cities have what it takes to keep you entertained and fulfilled for months on end, without ever making you feel bored for even a second.

So, the next hottest destination is Poland. You should pack your bags and go visit it as soon as possible.